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Activating Emergent Solutions



“I got crystal-f*cking-clear.”

Life Coach

–Umoh L.



I'm Robert, an ecologist and former climate scientist with a passion for guiding men toward self-discovery and self-realization.

My background in scientific exploration and wilderness expeditions has equipped me with a unique perspective on the intricacies of personal growth and the profound journey of understanding oneself.

With experience in facilitating personal development and transformative problem-solving, my aim is to provide individuals and teams with the tools and guidance to uncover their true purpose and potential.

Whether you're navigating the complex world of Tech Startups or STEM fields, grappling with the challenges of management, or facing personal crises or grief, I offer coaching to help you gain clarity, authenticity, and resilience on your path to inner mastery.

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Find out about my individual and group coaching here.

Problem Solving for individuals and businesses.

 Dynamic Facilitation provides a powerful framework for fostering collaboration, unlocking creativity, and achieving breakthrough solutions that have a lasting impact.

Mythical Wilderness Journeys

I guide individuals and groups in the wilderness for profound personal growth and team-building experiences.

I also guide clients on personalized wilderness plant medicine journey's.

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